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Why Surrey

Surrey School District #36

Leadership in Learning

Spread across one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in British Columbia, Surrey Schools is the city's biggest employer.
Located on Canada's spectacular West Coast and nestled in the southwest corner of Green Timbers Urban Forest, we are just 30 minutes southeast of the city of Vancouver. Surrey Schools is the largest and fastest growing public school district in BC, and with 140 sites across 316km2, most of our staff are able to work close to home.


6 in 10 of our staff live in Surrey
Surrey Schools is made up of approximately 10,000 teachers, administrators, professionals and support staff who serve over 73,000 students in 125 schools. Although working to provide an engaging and satisfying work environment can be a challenge, Surrey Schools succeeds, in part by providing many opportunities for personal and professional growth, and also by keeping a focus on shared priorities that center around student learning.


The City of Surrey enjoys strong growth which results in increasing student enrollment. Over the past year, Surrey Schools opened two new elementary schools, and completed additions to two secondary schools. We are currently in the process of building a new secondary school in North Clayton, as well as completing three additions to elementary schools.
We proudly opened a state-of-the-art Resource Education Centre adjacent to our District Education Center. This new building accommodates a learning resources warehouse, several classrooms, and a conference / meeting room that accommodate up to 230 people.


By virtue of its size, and the fact that Surrey is a growing school district, we are able to attract top talent. This talent is not limited to the exceptional teachers, administrators and support staff. Our team stretches from the shop floor to the boardroom. Behind the scenes are individuals who work to ensure schools operate safely and efficiently on a daily basis. These include, but are not limited to, Trades, Information Management, Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, Corporate Services, and Facilities. "We have a culture shared and embraced by everybody," says Human Resources Executive Director Loris Pante. "We work to support children, and that is a common thread for us all."
The Surrey School District team of approximately 10,000 employees works tirelessly every day to ensure that children are getting the best start they can, providing the preparation to be our leaders of tomorrow.
This is where Surrey comes to learn.

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