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Post Secondary / Scholarships

District Partners 36 Scholarship Applications 2022-2023

Applications for the Partners 36 Scholarships will be available February 2023!!!

Completed applications should be submitted to the Scholarship Coordinator at your school by the due date designated by your school. This is usually anytime between February 15st and April 15th. Click HERE to view a summary of the scholarship criteria. Updates will be posted therefore be sure to check back often.

For more information and your school's due date, contact your school scholarship coordinator. 

PLEASE NOTE: Secondary schools MAY choose to set an internal deadline in advance of the above date for their students. Please make sure to check with your school counsellor or career facilitator to verify the exact deadline for your school.

  • Anka and Claude Cante
  • Centra Windows
  • Coast Capital Standing Tall Award
  • Coast Capital Beth Hutchinson Award
  • Hal Sinclair Memorial Scholarship
  • Harris and Company Barristers and Solicitors
  • J.S. McDonald Scholarship
  • Loretta Schmidt Memorial Scholarship
  • MCF Good Samaritan Surrey 
  • North Surrey Lions - Ken Nore Academic Bursary 
  • North Surrey Lions - Ken Nore Technical Bursary 
  • North Surrey Lions Club - Ken Nore Trades Bursary 
  • Pacific West Cable Industry and Trades 
  • Pier Law & Mediation Scholarship
  • REC For Kids Scholarship
  • Society for the Preservation of Vaudeville 
  • Stewart Schon Memorial Scholarship 
  • Surrey Pre-Trial Services Scholarship 
  • Surrey Retired Teachers Association Bursary 
  • Surrey White Rock Naturalists Society - Tess Fenger Memorial Scholarship 
  • Urban Spirit Foundation Scholarship

Ministry of Education Scholarships

Non-District Scholarships & Awards

(Deadlines may have passed for some.  Please continue to check back)

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