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English Language Learner Assessments

Be understood

Students new to the Surrey School District whose home language is not English are required to complete initial language assessments. The purpose of the initial language assessments is to identify our English language learners' needs for support. Our welcome Centre teaching expert assess English language learner students from grades 1 to 12.

Communication is Key

The assessment will address the differences between language used for communication in social settings (the language of everyday use) and the language used in academic settings (the language of the classroom). Therefore the assessment will include questions related to appropriate social use of English as well as questions related to subject-specific academic language (Social Studies, Science, and Literature).

The initial language assessment is intended to identify:

  • The student's current level of English proficiency
  • The student's eligibility for English Language Learner services
  • The extent and range of English Language Learner services needed 

Upon completion of the assessment the results will be electronically transferred to the English language learner's school where school personnel will meet with the parents or guardian and the student to discuss the appropriate program and/or placement.

Assessments at the Welcome Centre

Click on the links below to learn more about Assessments at the Welcome Centre:

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