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SAFE | Surrey Anti-Gang Family Empowerment Program

(an evidence-based, multi-agency program designed to address and prevent youth gang violence)


Caregiver Education Program/Clinical Counselling

Parents and caregivers attend educational sessions that help build healthy relationships with children and youth who may be involved or may become involved in gangs.  Individuals can also be referred to in-house clinical counselling as appropriate. This program is for parents/caregivers who are looking to develop the skills and strategies needed for living with and/or raising children & youth who exhibit high-risk behaviours. There are plans to expand to include workshops that further address topics such as boundary setting communication, conflict management and resolution.  

This service is designed to help parents & caregivers whose children are enrolled in Surrey School District schools and who have identified as being involved in, or having the precursors for gang affiliation.  The program is delivered out to various Surrey locations.

Peer Leadership Program

This new program provides leadership opportunities for high school students to mentor & build skills for middle years youth in target communities with defined vulnerabilities. The program supports & encourages participants to undertake in a variety of activities including recreation and creative arts, to assist in fostering community belonging, building positive life skills and school attachment. Mentors learn from each other and build connections so younger youth can better adjust to high school life.  

This service is designed to help older youth who would like to be mentors & vulnerable middle-years children who need support as they enter into high school. The program is delivered out of various Surrey Schools in Whalley & Newton, inside and outside of school hours.

Children and Youth At-Risk Table (CHART)

CHART is a proactive initiative that supports children and youth before they show negative behaviours or get involved in criminal activity, and supports those who may already be exhibiting anti-social behaviours or be at-risk of gang involvement.

To learn more about the above programs please contact Safe Schools at or 604-595-6195.


SAFE Webinar - City of Surrey

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