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Yo Bro / Yo Girl


Yo Bro / Yo Girl gives students tools to achieve their full potential and attach to positive role models, while avoiding negative behaviours.  We cultivate resiliency in at-risk youth and empower them with tools to avoid the perils of drugs, gangs, crime and violence.

Early identification of risk factors and outreach to those most vulnerable has been proven to be an effective crime prevention technique. The Yo-Bro / Yo-Girl focuses on prevention of gang involvement, violence and substance use among boys and girls in Elementary and Secondary schools. An after-school mixed martial arts program used to engage the most at-risk youth. 

The program, delivered at locations within the Surrey school district, focuses on staying healthy, fitness, gaining new skills and positive role models. Sessions are led by internationally renowned speaker Joe Calendino, a former gang member and recovering addict who has experienced firsthand the consequences of his choices.

Yo Bro/Yo Girl

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